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These days, once we enter the market to purchase any electronic devices that we are packed with a number of options, it can be a frustrating task to find the right option at times. Here we’re going to tell our readers about best washing machine brand in India that they can suggest buying a new washing machine.

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When it comes to buying best washing brand, different consumers have different needs. Some may be looking for a front load washing machine, while others may be looking for top load semi-automatic washing machine, but we all look for the best washing machine brand in India be it any form of washing machine.

Look at India’s best washing brand to shop the best online at prices never before.

Best Brand for Washing Machine

  • LG
  • Samsung
  • IFB
  • Whirlpool
  • Bosch
  • Haier
  • Godrej


LG is a major player in the home appliances market. The washing machines from LG are known for their strong and prolific quality. One of India’s best brand of washing machines, LG offers a wide range of fully automatic, semi-automatic, front load and top load washing machines.

Latest Technologies used by LG

Inverter Direct Drive Technology

LG Inverter Direct Drive Technology

The motor is directly connected to the drum in LG washing machine with Inverter Direct Drive Technology without the use of a belt or pulley. Lesser mechanical parts allow less dissipation of heat, enhancing washing efficiency, reducing noise and vibration, improved reliability and energy savings.

Auto Pre-Wash

Auto Pre-Wash from LG is the easiest way to clear the issue of stain removal. Hard stains are ready to be gone with one touch. With your hands free, let the laundry be done by your washing machine.
When the pre-wash course finishes for 8 minutes, the normal course starts.
Pre-wash helps you to socarefully pre-wash your clothes.

Turbo Wash

Not only does TurboWash allow the regular washing process to be completed in 59 minutes, but it also produces incredible energy savings and keeps washing efficiency.

Turbo Drum

The unique technology that is capable of taking care of your clothes while giving you the perfect wash. The rotating dual-direction drum reduces clothing tangling, ensuring that your clothes remain as fresh and new for much longer than ever before. Turbodrum allows the drum to move in the pulsator’s opposite direction for a doubly effective wash action.

NFC Tag On

Near field communication (NFC) is a set of standards for smartphones and similar devices to create radio communication with each other by touching or bringing them near, usually just a few inches.

The user can download new washing programs like Wool, Baby Care and Cold Wash using NFC tagging technology. Then, simply by touching their smartphone to the NFC Tag On symbol on the washing machine, they can apply these programs.

Jet Spray Technology

LG Jet Spray Technology

Jet Spray is a revolutionary washing system that completely removes detergent stains during rinsing. Water is sprayed forcefully on the clothes from the top through the nozzle during rinse when the tub spins rapidly.

6 Motion Technology

6 Motion Direct Drive technology, exclusive to LG, drives the wash drum in multiple directions, providing the proper care to the fabrics while having super clean clothes.

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Samsung washing machine brand have launched a few models with advanced artificial intelligence software that claims to have halved washing time.

Latest Technologies used by SAMSUNG

Flex Wash

Today, Flexwash is the most innovative model for washing machines. It is a hybrid model that provides versatility in the same system to use both types of load. It has a main front loader with a mammoth capacity of 21 Kg, complemented by a compact 3.5 Kg miniature top loader.

Therefore, this machine’s front loader can be used to clean heavy laundry products such as blankets, curtains or other bulky garments. To lite loads such as socks, lingerie, handkerchiefs etc., the top loader can be used. It does not need two separate water lines for the use of top and front loaders, but has an internal separator to split the water supply.

Magic Filter

Samsung top loading washing machines come with Magic Filter to keep your laundry lint free and clean. By comparison to traditional washers, Magic Filter is strategically positioned low in the washer. The location and structure is such that it effectively traps lint irrespective of the water level inside the drum. This filter is also easy to clean as it can be removed. To ensure smooth cleaning of your washing machine, you can routinely detach it and dust it.

Silver Nano Technology

Samsung provides semi-automatic washing machines with Silver Nano technology in its budget range. The technology of Silver Nano is used mainly to reduce mold and bacteria in clothing.

The benefit of this system is that since it prevents the growth of harmful germs on clothes, sweat will not decompose releasing a foul odor. This anti-bacterial influence also helps to keep the tissue healthy and fresh even if it is stored for a longer period of time.

Diamond Drum Design

Diamond Drum Design

The Diamond Drum has a special “soft curl” style featuring smooth, diamond-shaped ridges that are supremely gentle on your clothes. A small water escape holes often help to protect the fabric by reducing cases of trapping and damaging clothing.

Smart Control App

If you can afford Samsung’s ultra-premium Wi-Fi-enabled washing machines, you can simply use your mobile to control your washer. Models come with the functionality of Smart Control devices. The smart app allows users to use the smartphone to remotely control their Samsung washer.

Air Turbo

Modern top loading washing machines from Samsung comes with Air Turbo technology that facilitates quick clothing drying. Air Turbo allows air to be drawn through dual winds which generate a drying energy whirlwind. It makes the drum spin quick and hard so that the circulating air quickly removes excessive moisture from the laundry.

Samsung Eco Bubble and Bubble sock

Samsung Eco Bubble and Bubble sock

EcoBubble is Samsung’s innovation to harness the power of bubbles to provide even at lower temperatures effective cleaning. We Indians typically use the original cold water supplied for washing machines. So, using this technology, Samsung front-loaders would help them achieve powerful laundry cleaning.

This technology’s main principle is to turn detergent molecules into bubbles that inflate around the clothes and penetrate the fabric to quickly absorb adamant dust.

Eco Bubble is combined with Bubble Soak software which helps remove stubborn stains by thoroughly soaking clothes in bubbles with just one button press. This technique is not getting too hard on the fabric as the bubble is gentle by nature that will not harm the fabric.

Digital Inverter Technology

Generally speaking, an ordinary washing machine has a fixed-speed motor designed for a fixed load and only runs effectively while operating at maximum load. Yet Samsung’s high-end front loaders come with Digital Inverter technology that enables the engine to run at a speed that is suitable for the washing machine’s load. To put it simply, the motor speed is regulated according to the load. All of this helps to save quite a few energy units.

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IFB, India’s leading washing machine brand of fully automated washing machines, has a very loyal consumer base that also refuses to move from the brand after generations.

Latest Technologies used by SAMSUNG

IFB A 7-stage Aqua Spa wash cycle

Use a 7-stage wash cycle to clear those tough stains. The Aqua Spa helps remove the most stubborn debris, supplying you with the cleanest possible cleaning.

Pebble Drum

IFB Pebble Drum

Give the perfect wash to delicate fabrics like silk and wool. The pebbles in the drum avoid damage while the unique shape avoids the wrapping of clothing.

3D waterfall technology

IFB 3D waterfall technology

The 3D Waterfall Engineering brings dynamic motion to the water, totally dissolving the detergent. This also results in a great rinse action, which allows the bath to penetrate deep into garments, thus eliminating any traces of detergent from massive laundry.

Scrub Board Wash

IFB scrub board wash

The twin wash boards mimic the efficacy of hand scrubbing, while gently scrubbing off the dirt.

Swirling Tornado Wash

IFB Swirling Tornado Wash

Powerful tornadoes formed on the bottom of the drum by 3 spinners allow detergent to act better. By loosening the dust and washing it off, it pampers the material.

Air Bubble Wash System

IFB Air Bubble Wash System

Most of the dirt can be hard and stubborn. Your IFB washing machine produces air bubbles that penetrate the fibers of the cloth. These mix with your detergent and provide you with the best possible wash.

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The American brand came into being in 1911 and since then the company has been engaged constantly in technological innovations and customizing their home appliances range. In Whirlpool washing machines, some of the latest technology are :

Latest Technologies used by WHIRLPOOL

360° SPRAY

The 3 exclusive nozzles provide outstanding cleaning and rinsing for your clothing, while saving up to 25%* of water.

Whirlpool   360° SPRAY

Wash Cycle- Three separate nozzles spray and recirculate warm detergent water during the wash cycle to produce excellent cleaning efficiency.
Rinse Cycle- These special nozzles spray clean water to get rid of any detergent residue while rinsing on your clothing.

Hotmatic Technology

Whirlpool Hotmatic Technology

Get aware of the all-new Hotmatic Technology daily stains. The integrated microprocessor and intellisensor helps the washing machine to analyze data and monitor water temperature for different types of fabric. So you get the ultimate laundry performance.

Hexa Bloom Impeller

Whirlpool Hexa Bloom Impeller

The newly designed 6 vanes hexa bloom impeller washes clothes in a unique 360 ° wash movement. This makes clothes rub against each other to ensure superior results in cleaning, minimizing abrasion of the fabric.

Hot Catalytic Soak

Whirlpool Hot Catalytic Soak

The hot catalytic soak mechanism soaks clothes before the agitation in concentrated detergent water to loosen the dirt. This mechanism uses 1/3 of the water quantity to create a high concentration of detergents.

Power Dry

Achieve better drying results for various types of clothes with four specific drying stages.

Smart Sensors

Automatically sensing smart sensors in the machine and indicating low voltage and water conditions. After a successful revival of voltage and water levels, the cycle of the machine will continue without any manual intervention.

ZPF Technology

Whirlpool ZPF Technology

When the pressure is as low as 0.017MPa *, fills the bath 50 percent * faster.

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BOSCH Washing Machine

With their state-of – the-art, simple, elegant and superior aesthetics and efficient washing, Bosch washing machines are renowned. German Bosch washing machine brand sell top and front washing machines with features including :

Latest Technologies used by BOSCH

Anti Tangle

Bosch AntiTangle

Presenting the entirely new washing machine AntiTangle. It keeps your clothes free of tangles and free of damage. For washes that do not end up in a tangle, simply press the AntiTangle button.

Anti Vibration Design

Now sleep in peace at night when your washing machine is running without much noise. Bosch washing machines ‘ anti-vibration model eliminates vibration during the spin cycle and is designed to ensure that the unit does not move when it is in operation.

Vario Drum

Bosch Vario Drum

Bosch VarioDrumTM has a unique design that is soft on clothes and rough on dirt. As the drum turns in one direction, the paddle’s flat side cleans delicate textiles and the steep side of the paddle guarantees a deep clean with its wave-droplet configuration when it spins in the opposite direction.

Eco Silence Drive

Bosch Eco Silence Drive

It’s quiet, strong, and long lasting. This ensures low power consumption and high efficiency in cleaning. This works smoothly and guarantees the best results. Not only that, its innovative technology works for almost wear-free service without friction.

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HAIER Washing Machine

Japan Haier, headquartered in Qingdao, was founded in 1984. Haier is known to produce luxury home appliances such as washing machines, air coolers, air conditioners, and much more. Haier was honored in 2004 with India’s best brand of washing machine.

Latest Technologies used by HAIER

fuzzy logic

Using fuzzy logic, the washing machine takes in just the right amount of water for the load. It also has the characteristics to adjust the water level according to your wishes. The washing machine operates even when the pressure is pretty low, thanks to the NZP (near zero pressure) system.

Brushless direct current motor

Haier Brushless direct current motor

But in addition, the same engine design is used by companies like LG, whereby the drum is rotated in a magnetic field, reducing excess friction and vibration.

Quick wash program

Haier  Quick wash program

Haier has a fast wash system that finishes the laundry in just 15 minutes — a perfect idea for busy people who don’t get too soiled with their clothing.

Oceanus Wave Drum

Haier Oceanus Wave Drum

It comes with Oceanus Wave Technology to improve the laundry system while offering excellent washing and great user experience. The Oceanus Wave Drum is a cube-shaped drum which allows quick and gentle washing of clothes with decreased abrasion for a smoother water flow.

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GODREJ Washing Machine

Godrej was the founder of washing machines for the inclined drum front mounting. The company offers from top to front load a complete range of washing machines. The unique direct drive technology used in most front loading machines has made it one of India’s best brand of washing machine.

Latest Technologies used by GODREJ

Cascade Waterfall Effect

A special washing motion named the Cascade Waterfall Effect arrives with the latest Godrej Washing Machine.

Aquajet Pulsator

The pulsator’s aerodynamic layout is inspired by actual rotors in the aircraft. A large surface area offers more touch, contributing to better scrubbing. In contrast, it also features a 2.5 inch pulsator range of 20 percent higher, which means stronger friction and improved detergent action.

ECO Mode

Most importantly in Godrej Eon Allure, the ECO Mode function also makes this machine environmentally friendly. It allows you to be clothed smartly by minimizing water consumption compared to the normal mode of washing.

Certain washing machine brand like panasonic , Onida, are concentrating on the part of the economy. So, if you have a budget constraint, you may also very well go for these brands.

Note : If you are looking for purchase fully automatic front/top load washing machine for your home, Here i list out some of the top 10 best washing machine in India available in the market today. read this article to see their features, pros and cons. This will really help you guys to choose final one.


Which Is Better? Washing Machine Powder Vs Liquid Detergent.

Liquid detergents are better than washing powder because the liquid can dissolve easily in water than the powders. They also don’t create white residue that sticks on their clothes.

How Much Detergent Is Needed?

Most homeowners are surprised to learn that too much laundry detergent is causing their issues with their washing machine. Less is more in the modern washing machines. Federal regulations required manufacturers of washing machines to reduce the amount of water per load required. Less water and too much laundry soap means that it may be difficult for your machine to break down the soap, leaving residual soap in the machine basin, causing the machine problems.

Which One’s Better? Washing Machine With Top Load Or Washing Machine With Front Loading?

Okay, there is no ideal answer to that question. It depends on a variety of factors. Washing machines for front loading save water, but they are more expensive. Top loading washing machines are more convenient to use because to load and unload clothes you don’t have to bend. For a detailed comparison, you can read this article.

Which One Is Better To Buy – A Semi- Or Fully-Automatic Washing Machine?

Fully-automatic. There are no second thoughts. If the budget is too small, consider semi-automatic washing machines.

Which one is the Best Washing Machines Liquid Detergent ?

For purchase detergents for cleaning your sheets, go to any department store. You see several bottles of liquid detergents placed in strategic positions belonging to multiple brands such as Ariel, Surf Excel, Tide, and Genteel.It shows people prefer liquid detergents to powders and soap bars for detergents. Why is it that way? We’re going to explore the same reasons. READ MORE…

Is installing a washing machine in a bathroom safe?

Water splashes can corrode the metal and, if water comes into contact with electrical parts, can be extremely risky.
Even if you’ve got a big bathroom and keep the washing machine away from the shower in a corner, it’s still risky. Steam from the hot water that we use for bathing can easily enter and damage the washing machine.

If there is no other place left at home and the only option is to keep it in the bathroom, call your washing machine manufacturer’s authorized technician to ensure that safety guidelines are fulfilled.

How To Clean a Washing Machine ?

One of the best things to do is to keep them clean at all times. Let us see how to keep the washing machine clean. READ MORE..

Where is the best place to buy a washing machine online?

For all home appliances, I prefer either Amazon or Flipkart, depending on who offers a better deal. How safe is online purchase of electronic home appliances? READ MORE….

Note : If you have any questions about the choice of the washing machine, post them in the comments section below and we will try to answer them.

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