Washing Machine drum Size & Capacity

It’s important to choose one that perfectly suits your household’s needs. Here we explain washing machine drum size and capacity which generally comes between 6 to 14 kg.

You will have to spend time and effort running multiple cycles if you choose a washing machine that is too small for your house. But if you choose an extra large machine, you will lose money on the increased power and water running costs that you don’t use.

How washing machine capacity is measured?

A washing machine’s capacity is determined by the net weight of dry clothes which can be washed in one cycle. The capacity of the washer is measured in cubic feet, a ratio of dirty laundry is determined by the pound, a weight metric; a one-to – one comparison is not possible.

washing machine capacity

Every washer today comes with a recommendation on capacity. As a general rule, 12 pounds of laundry is suitable for a standard top load washer capacity, 15 to 18 pounds for front load washer, and 20 to 22 pounds for front load washer of extra large capacity.

Lets take a look that give you an idea to how much laundry weighs :

T-shirt 5 pounds
Jeans 1.5 pounds
Bath Towel 1.6 pounds
Bed Sheet 1.3 pounds

How often washes will you usually operate a week? Most people wash their clothes every day, while many prefer to do so once a week. What regular sort of loads will you wash? Will they often wear precious baby clothes or wear highly soiled games.

Laundry Load Size Infographics by Rajshree

Type of Washing Machine / Water Consumption per Wash

Fully Automatic Front Load – 65–75 L

Fully Automatic Top Load – 140 L

Semi Automatic – 120 L

Is bigger capacity is a better choice ever?

Most people assume that having the biggest and often the most costly washing machine would give them a better result in cleaning and value for money. Machines of larger capacity do have benefits, but there are also negative ones.

pros :

The main advantage is that more products can be handled by a larger capacity unit, so you can clean the same amount of clothing with less washes than a smaller model. Also have additional laundry systems for bulkier products like blankets, duvets or curtains.

Cons :

Nevertheless, because of the extra capacity and facilities, larger machines are generally more expensive to buy. However, if you operate half-full cycles, they can cost more to use because they need more water and electricity for each loop.

Washing Machine Load Size

The size of the washing machine drum you need will depend on your laundry requirements and preferences. How big are your families? A family of two will naturally have needs that are distinct from a family of eight or more. So how do you know your Laundry Load Size ?

A 7-8 kg drum in most instances can happily support a medium sized household in India. Machines in this size group will have sufficient space for regular washes.

Is a 7kg washing machine big enough?

Practically speaking a 5-6 kg container is big enough to deal with 1-2 people’s needs, 25-30 T-shirts or a single duvet will be cleaned. You can consider a 7 kg drum more suitable for a family of 2-3 people. You will wash a double duvet, or about 35 T-shirts, in a 7 kg tub.

Likewise, 40 t-shirts and a queen-size bed-sheet are easily washed by an 8 kg washing machine, and are best suited for a small household. When you reduce the number of t-shirts, more things, including heavy ones, may also be brought in. The following guide will help you decide which power your washing machine should accommodate depending on the size of the drum.

washing machine size and capacity

If you see an equipment defined as a 7 kg washing machine, you’ll realize it can clean 7 kg of dry clothes efficiently. Naturally, once they get wet, these clothes will get heavier, but don’t worry-the system is designed to withstand it.

Washing Machine Overloading Issue

To save yourself running another load, it may be appealing to wash those last few things, but that can contribute to performance issues.

The cloths will tangle and swirl together in one big ball if you overfill your drum. That prevents the detergent from flowing uniformly or being fully rinsed out. Clumping sometimes means getting clothing really twisted and ragged. Washer will not have enough space to move around and will wash away the water.

Since most people do not measure their laundry any time they use the washing machine, you should obey the general rule that only 80 percent of the way up is loaded with the drum.

Maximum capacity of a drum generally always relates to the main cotton plan, but so bear in mind that other cycles may only take smaller loads. Silks, delicates, or woolens need smaller load sizes, so they are not harmed.This means you may not use the entire capacity on every wash.

What Happened If You keep Underloading ?

Unloading a lot of water and electricity into your machine wastes. This is because most machines are unable to sense the load weight, so they’re going to use the same amount of water as full load.

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So its all about washing machine drum size and capacity. If you’re still slightly confused and need help then ask with your model in comment, we will resolve your issue :

Related Queries

Is a 7kg washing machine big enough?

Since the capability of the washer is shown in cubic feet, a ratio of space and dirty laundry is determined by the pound, a weight metric; a one-to – one calculation is not necessary. Each washer today comes with a recommendation for efficiency.

How much laundry can a 4.5 cu ft washer hold?

Let’s downplay it. Washers from 3.1 to 4.0 cubic feet will accommodate between 12 to 16 pounds of laundry. Washers with a size of 4.2 and higher will accommodate for 20 pounds of laundry and more. 

Can I wash a king size duvet in a 7kg washing machine?

Yes you can. 7 kg washing machine –can fit about 35 T-shirts or a double duvet and is ideal for a small family.

How many clothes is 1kg?

Whether it is men’s wear, about 1 regular pair of pants or 4 T-shirts will weigh 1 kg Somewhere between 1.5 and 2 kg will be a pair of man’s denim jeans.

Can you wash blankets in 7kg washer?

Normally you can just wash the blankets on a gentle cycle of cool water in the washing machine. Put a mild detergent in 1/4 cup, and let the rest of your washing machine do. If you have a soft pillow, you can hand wash it by filling a tub with cool water and applying some detergent.

How many Litres is a washing machine?

Many high-efficiency washers use only 15 to 30 gallons (56.8 to 113.6 L) of water to wash their garments in the same volume as traditional washers (29 to 45 gallons per load (109.7 to 170 L).

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