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Do you want your husband / wife / children to use the lunch box or tiffin box for office or school use?

Here we have a good selection of some of the best common lunch boxes, in budget and easy to carry. From large size to medium size and small size, tifin box of any type is available online.

Tupperware lunch box, steel lunch box, and electric lunch box for use in schools or offices can also be found here.

We’ve listed some of the famous tiffin box here that you can buy for daily use. Check the ratings, feature and much more about below’s best lunch box.

Best 5 Lunch Box In India

  1. Milton Executive Lunch Insulated Tiffin
  2. Cello Max Fresh Lunch Box Set
  3. Signoraware Executive Stainless Steel Lunch Box
  4. Milton Double Decker Plastic Lunch Box
  5. Milton Thermosteel Hot Meal Container Lunch Box

As you can see above, we’ve included tiffin box of every kind and size. From steel tiffin to electric tiffin, as well as Tupperware’s tiffin package. You can find the best lunch boxes at rates around Rs.1000.

#1 Milton Executive Lunch Insulated Tiffin

Product Description

  • 100% Leak proof 3 Containers
  • Insulated Lunch box, Content remains hot for long hours
  • 2 Stainless Steel Containers of 300 ml approx, 1 Microwave Safe Plastic Container
  • Fork & spoon inside, Belt for easy carrying
  • Ideal for working professionals and students


  • The cover is soft insulation which keeps food hot and fresh for long hours
  • it is compact and perfect for carrying a wholesome meal

(checkDetailed Customer Reviews

3,712 Customer Gives 4.2 rating over 5

#2 Cello Max Fresh Lunch Box Set

Product Description

  • Air tight container that keep food fresh for long
  • Microwave safe (without lid).
  • Container diameter: 2.8cm
  • Compact lunch box to carry meal.
  • Liquid tight silicon seal on the lid that makes the containers ideal for office, school and travelling
  • BPA free and leak proof
  • Hygienic and 100-percent food grade
  • Freezer safe

(checkDetailed Customer Reviews

2,572 Customer Gives 4.1 rating over 5

#3 Signoraware Executive Stainless Steel Lunch Box

Product Description

  • Non-cracking, superior quality stainless steel leak proof containers and compact size fits easily in briefcase schoolbag and handbag
  • Ideal for office executives and school going kids
  • Spill proof containers that keeps food fresh for hours, unique insulated bag keeps food warm for hours
  • Leak-proof and spill proof
  • Product 2: Easy to carry for backpacking, hiking, traveling, etc

(checkDetailed Customer Reviews

1,310 Customer Gives 4.3 rating over 5

#4 Milton Double Decker Plastic Lunch Box

Product Description

  • Soft-insulated lunch box with one oval and two round containers
  • Comes with a fork and a spoon
  • Features a belted carry case for easy portability
  • Colour: Purple,
  • Material: Plastic
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Oval Lunch Box (450ml), 2-Pieces Round Lunch Box (280ml)
  • Warranty Information: 1 year


  • Made from high quality plastic for everyday use
  • Safe for use in microwave and freezer
  • Airtight lids to lock in freshness and taste

(checkDetailed Customer Reviews

2,250 Customer Gives 4.1 rating over 5

#5 Milton Thermosteel Hot Meal Container Lunch Box

Product Description

  • Sturdy, durable and insulated outer steel body
  • Ideal for office, school and outdoor use
  • Easy to store, clean and maintain
  • Durable and virtually unbreakable construction
  • Fully functional elegant design to carry your lunch in style
  • Colour: Silver, Material: Stainless Steel
  • Package Contents: 4-Pieces Lunch Box. Capacity of the container : 295 ml
  • Warranty Information: 1-year


  • Ideal Lunch Carrying Solution for Everyday Use
  • Sturdy Design, Built to Last a Lifetime
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain

(checkDetailed Customer Reviews

549 Customer Gives 3.7 rating over 5

How to Choose a Lunch Box

There are several things to consider when selecting a box, since they come for different types of people in various shapes, sizes and configurations.

To choose the best lunch box for yourself, you need to decide what kind of meals you want to pack and how much you consume.

Sealed Lead

It is particularly important to have a sealed lid if you also bring food that may leak. Properly sealed lunch boxes like airtight ones should ensure the liquid doesn’t spill and ruin your bag’s contents. Stainless steel is typically unfit for this reason so if you want a leakproof lunchbox, you may want to go for materials to choose from.

Size, Shape, and Design

Lunch boxes come in a number of shapes, including square, rectangular etc. These can also vary in size, and even have several containers stacked up at times.

At the other hand there are also single boxes inside which have several compartments. To make a choice between all these choices, consider the size of your part, the types of food you eat and the portability

How to choose a right material ?

Various materials are used for making lunch boxes, each with its own advantages and problems.

Stainless Steel

stainless steel lunch box

Stainless steel lunch boxes are sturdy, durable, easy to wash and do not cost much either. Its drawbacks however include not being microwaveable and heavier than plastic or aluminum.


plastic lunch box

Plastic lunch boxes are low-cost, lightweight and many are microwave-safe. In fact, plastic makes product flexibility possible, so if you want something more enjoyable with attractive designs then you can use plastics. The downside to this form is that they have less longevity and are vulnerable to oil stain.


aluminium lunch box

Aluminum lunch boxes are lightweight and robust, as they are resistant to corrosion and lighter than types of steel. Its smooth surface also makes it easy to clean. Some are not microwaveable either, however, so they are more costly.


glass lunch box

Glass lunch boxes look fantastic, and they have basic designs. If the glass is strong, they usually last longer, and they’re also microwave resistant. They’re typically, however, heavier and more costly than the other alternatives.

These are lunch boxes that you can buy for kids or for office use. We have included all the best tiffin box that has strong quality, low price and high user reviews. You can buy the lunchbox that suits into your price range.

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